Triple J Hack ft Kickstarter Finalist Mursal Azadzoi

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Triple J Hack ft Kickstarter Finalist Mursal Azadzoi

Another Kickstarter finalist is making headlines this week with our Sustainability and Impact winner, Mursal Azadzoi, featured on Triple J’s popular program Hack, talking about her business idea, Nana Pad.

Period poverty refers to when people don’t have access to clean, affordable or safe menstruation products, or when they face cultural barriers like stigma and shame, which stop them from participating fully in society. This is a major problem in Australia’s neighbouring Pacific Island, Kiribati.

“I learned that these girls were completely missing out on schooling once a month, due to this issue,” Mursal told Hack. 

Mursal’s business idea is a bio-degradable sanitary pad that aims to reduce student absenteeism in island nations. She said that there is a real need to support the remote communities who have limited access to resources. She decided to come up with a pad that is completely biodegradable and is made solely from local fibres sourced from a banana plantation.