Kickstarter FAQs

You have questions, and we have the answers!

The Kickstarter Challenge is how you can make your passion a profession. Read on to answer questions you may have before you enter. 

Kickstart your business with this awesome challenge. By entering this competition, you go in the running to win some amazing prizes, including a life-changing share in $60,000 of seed capital start-up funding to help you accelerate your idea. 

Let us help you turn your passion into your profession. 

Check out the terms and conditions to learn more. 

You have until 17 October 2021 at 5.00pm (AEST) to submit your idea.

One finalist in each category will have the opportunity to attend a National Advocacy Workshop and pitch their ideas to decision makers in Canberra. 

The winners will receive the support needed to bring their ideas to life including seed capital funding, mentorship opportunities and much much more!

It’s really simple. All you have to do is submit your idea via the Kickstarter Entry page on our website. 

Check out the terms and conditions to learn more. 

Yes! We would love to help you. Join us for an Incubator Workshop where we will help you refine your idea and even film your submission should you wish to create a video entry. Check here for details. 

The time limit on videos is 90 seconds. We would advise the popular vote and presentation entries would be on the shorter side to convey your idea clearly and concisely.

That said, we don’t want to impede your creativity and all business ideas are different and will require a different entry. If you think you need more than 90 seconds, please email us at

If you need help with your entry you can attend an Incubator Workshop near you – or join us for an online session. Get more details

The categories are:

  • Popular vote – Promote your entry on social media and let Australia decide.
  • Implementation – Demonstrate how you will successfully implement your idea by providing a feasible timeline, potential challenges and solutions.
  • Sustainability & Impact – How will your idea be sustained over time? Think about any potential environmental impacts and how you can minimise them?
  • Innovation – Demonstrate the need for your business, think outside the box with your solution and the problem you are helping to solve for your customer.
  • PresentationGive us your best elevator pitch – sell us your idea any way you like! We are looking for entries that are convincing and creative in their pitch.

Absolutely, go for it! The more entries the more chances you have to win. It will also help us get to know you and your idea better.

This challenge is to help women kick start their business therefore businesses at ideation stage and/or 12 months after creating an ABN are eligible.

That is okay, but we do want to help women kick start their business journey so the percentage of your co-founders must be at least 50% women, or those who identify as female, or are gender non-binary. 

That is okay too! But we do want to help young women kick start their business journey so 50% of your co-founders must be within the 18-24 age range.

More women than ever are working, with 5.8 million now employed in Australia. Yet women still face a gender pay gap and the average superannuation of an Australian woman is 42 per cent below an Australian man. This disparity has long-term consequences for Australia and must be addressed for self-employed women in particular.

Self-employment is an increasingly viable career path in Australia, particularly for women who would otherwise face barriers to workforce participation. Advances in digital technology and globalisation are reducing barriers to entrepreneurship. For example, the NBNCO Connecting Australia study demonstrated that the percentage growth rate of female-led businesses in locations with NBN access was 23 times higher than in other areas.

Despite the employment advantages of an entrepreneurial skill set, only 8% of Australian startups are female-led. There is also well-known gender disparity in STEM fields in Australia, with very low rates of female participation.

Many women under 30 in Australia find the idea of self-employment highly appealing but lack the confidence and know-how to pursue it.

We are tackling this problem by helping young girls see running their own business as a viable option with our program for school ages girls with – The Academy for Enterprising Girls.

And now we have launched the big sister to this program, The Accelerator for Enterprising Women helping women aged 18-24.