Young Women and Entrepreneurship
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The results are in and it’s a win-win!

Did you know that for every 1.8 male entrepreneurs in Australia there’s only 1 female? If this figure was equal, Australia’s Gross Value Added (GVA) could be $400B higher per year, according to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women program was designed to address this issue head-on. Whilst it’s still early days, we know it’s pushing things in exactly the right direction.

Recently launched, the 2023 Accenture independent evaluation of the Accelerator for Enterprising Women program, designed to support women towards the path of entrepreneurship, tells us:

  • The program developed entrepreneurial skills, confidence, and networks and encouraged women to pursue entrepreneurship, which they would not have done without the program.
  • It fills a gap in Australia’s start-up ecosystem: it is the only readily identifiable woman-only Kickstarter program which targets the ideation stage of entrepreneurship.
  • While still in its early stages, if it were as successful as similar programs then it could generate an economic benefit of $740,000 per successful small business created.


Want to know more?

This timely, comprehensive 55-page report has all the information, statistics and background resulting in the program’s successful drive for change in encouraging our women and girls to pursue entrepreneurship, now and into the future.

Not done reading?

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women also conducted a national research study exploring the state of young Australian women’s (18-24) views on entrepreneurship. This report aims to better understand the barriers contributing to future female entrepreneurs and identify the levers needed to close the gender gap and increase the number of women-run businesses in Australia.

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