Incubator Workshops

These workshops are open to anyone with an idea to create social impact, change or anyone just wants to start their own business.

Got a business or entrepreneurial idea you’ve always wanted to bring to life?

Turn your passion into your profession by coming along to a FREE Incubator Workshop and we will help you prepare your idea for submission into the Kickstarter Challenge!

Attend a free Incubator Workshop!

These workshops are open to anyone with an idea to create social impact, change or just wants to start their own business.

For those without an idea, you’ll learn how to explore problems, reframe them as opportunities, and identify their root causes. You’ll then choose one problem to focus on and use different ideation techniques to come up with a solution!

If you’ve already got an idea, we’ll work with you to take your idea from a basic concept into something you’re ready to share with the world. You’ll explore who your customer is and how your idea creates value for them. You’ll also start your validation process so you can get feedback and enhance your idea. By the end of the workshop you’ll have created a prototype and developed a business model. You’ll also have your submission ready to enter into the Kickstarter Challenge!

Incubator Workshops will be held across Australia between April-August 2021. Register your interest above and we’ll keep you up to date with all the details.

It’s really simple. All you have to do is register your details via the links below.


Women with disabilities


Tasmania (Virtual)

24 - 26 August, 2021

Canberra (Virtual)

8 - 10 October, 2021


17 & 18 July, 2021


15 & 16 July, 2021


8 & 9 July, 2021


1 & 2 July, 2021


13 - 15 August, 2021


16 & 17 August, 2021

Drop-In Sessions

12 & 18 August, 2021


17 - 19 August, 2021

Our workshop partners

Incubator Workshops are delivered by the experienced team at Young Change Agents (YCA), a not for profit social enterprise empowering young people to reframe problems as opportunities. Young women that have participated in YCA workshops have gone on to raise capital to create prototypes and bring their ideas to life..

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