Practical Business Skills

With greater financial and business knowledge, entrepreneurs can better manage their money and make confident, informed decisions about their businesses. Starting a business isn’t easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it!

To help you set off with your right foot forward, here are some remarkable free business tools, courtesy of our friends at Visa. Find the key to success, how to actually register your business and download a range of templates, including how to create a business plan.

Browse the Practical Business Skills resources, tips, tricks and tutorials below.

Explore resources to help you manage and grow your business

Getting Started

You've got a great idea or a strong set of skills and are ready to try your hand as a business owner. Turning an idea into a business is no simple task, but the risks you take to become a business owner can be personally and financially rewarding.


Financial calculator, business
templates & more.

Financial Management

Master financial basics like
budgeting, saving and financing.

Build & Grow

Business growth is essential
to long-term survival.


Learn expert tips for managing
your business.

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Visa’s Practical Business Skills offers free educational resources and interactive tools to help business owners around the globe start, manage and grow their businesses to help their communities prosper.

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