What’s In A Name? Naming your business, the “dos” & “don’ts”

Let’s chat about something super important when it comes to naming your business: D.T.F – and no, it’s not what you might think! We’re talking about the DTF method, and trust me, it’s a game-changer. Sometimes, people get a little too fancy or overly creative with their business names, and go too weird and wild that no one even knows what their business is about. But fear not, because with the DTF approach, you’ll be nailing that business name in no time.

D is for Domain

First things first, let’s talk about domains. Can you snag a domain that matches your fab business name? Having a website is like having your own little corner of the internet, so you wanna make sure it’s easy to find. Check if your dream domain is available not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world too. You can do a little detective work right here: Check Domain Availability. That way, when your business takes off, your online home will be ready and waiting!

T is for Trademark™️

Now, trademarks seem boring but they are important. You wouldn’t want someone else snatching your business name right out from under you, right? So, make sure it’s not already trademarked by someone else. Even if they’re not using it, they might be holding onto it like a treasure. To avoid any legal cha-chas, shimmy on over to Trademarkia and give that name a search.

F is for Fantastic Flexibility!

Last but not least, let’s talk flexibility – it’s like yoga for your business name! Imagine naming your business something super specific like “T-Shirts.” But what if one day you decide to rock out with jumpers, hats, or even funky socks? You’d be stuck in a name that’s too niche for your awesome ideas! Keep things loose and breezy by choosing a name that can adapt as your business grows. It’s like giving your business a wardrobe that can handle any style evolution.

Now, those are the Do’s and while we love to stay positive, here are some super quick Don’ts:

Don’t Mess with Spelling 🤪

Imagine customers trying to search for your business online but getting tangled up in a spelling nightmare. That’s a no-no! Don’t use complex spellings, weird punctuation, or overly long words. Keep it simple and easy to spell. You’re not giving a spelling bee challenge – you’re inviting people to discover your amazing products or services.

Don’t Ignore the Competition 🕶️
You’ve got to scope out the neighborhood before you set up shop, right? Well, the same goes for business names. Don’t choose a name that’s too similar to existing businesses, especially if they’re in the same industry. You want your name to stand out, not get lost in a sea of similar-sounding options.

Don’t Go Overboard with Acronyms 👩‍💼
Acronyms can be handy, but only if they’re easy to understand and remember. Avoid creating a jumble of letters that leaves people scratching their heads. Keep it simple and make sure your acronym actually represents your business.

Don’t Skip the Feedback Step 🗣️
It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Don’t skip the step of getting feedback from friends, family, or potential customers about your business name. Sometimes, an outside perspective can catch something you missed.

Alright, my friend, there you have it – the “dos” and “don’ts” of business naming. Avoid these traps, and you’ll be well on your way to picking a name that’s as fabulous and unique as your business itself. You’ve got the smarts to make it happen, so go out there and conquer the naming game! 🌟👑