Kickstarter Challenge: Spotlight on Australia’s Top Female Entrepreneurs

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Kickstarter Challenge: Spotlight on Australia’s Top Female Entrepreneurs

In a fierce competition that attracted more than 250 innovative entrants, the Kickstarter Challenge Grand Final showcased the brilliance of entrepreneurial minds across Australia.

Here’s how it went down:

The finalists, hailing from diverse backgrounds, emerged as beacons of creativity and determination in their respective fields. They converged at Parliament House to pitch their ideas before a panel of judges. Here’s more information about each of the amazing finalists and their business ideas:

Danielle Arrebola | Employi

First in line was Danielle Arrebola, the mind behind Employi. Recognised by the popular vote, Employi is a mobile dashboard designed to recognise employees and boost morale. Arrebola's solution resonated with the public, showcasing the importance of employee recognition and satisfaction.

Esther Oh | Agili8

Next was Esther Oh's Agili8 took center stage in the category of health, wellbeing, and the care economy. Agili8 is a virtual healthcare platform utilizing XRAI vision, showcasing a technological leap in the realm of healthcare. Oh's innovative approach to healthcare stood as a testament to the transformative power of technology in enhancing well-being.

Alexandra Cannizaro | Platform Zero

Then Alexandra Cannizaro took to the stage with her business Platform Zero. This digital platform ingeniously diverts food waste from supermarkets to small businesses, addressing critical issues in climate change and sustainability. Cannizaro's solution demonstrated both environmental consciousness and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Desiree D’Cruz | Acegirl

Following Alexandra was Desiree D’Cruz, the visionary behind Acegirl, a groundbreaking innovation in soft, wearable breast pumps. Recognised for its potential impact on women's economic equality, Acegirl stood out among the impressive array of submissions.

Liz Lea | Showgo

Last but certainly not least is Liz Lea, the force behind Showgo, she secured her spot as a finalist in the STEM and technology category. Showgo is an audio description service and app designed for theatre, dance, museums, and film, providing accessibility in the realm of arts and culture. Lea's dedication to bridging gaps in accessibility through technology earned her a well-deserved spot among the finalists.

The Kickstarter Challenge Grand Final, held in Canberra, witnessed the convergence of innovation, passion, and competition. The finalists underwent a whirlwind experience over two days full of rehearsals, filming, pitching, and media appearances at the iconic Parliament House.

The culmination of their journey included meeting with The Hon. Tanya Plibersek, adding a touch of prestige to their already remarkable achievements. As the day unfolded, one finalist emerged as the ultimate winner, Alexandra Cannizaro, whose business Platform Zero captured the essence of ingenuity and innovation.

If you’re curious to dig into the stories of these awesome women and their cool projects, there’s a snazzy video out now. It gives you a peek into all the nervous vibes and excitement during the Grand Final. The event wasn’t just about cheering for the winners but also showing how entrepreneurship can shake things up and tackle big societal issues.

In the vibe of working together and moving forward, the Kickstarter Challenge Grand Final totally left its mark on the Aussie innovation scene. It’s like a kickoff for future projects that are going to push the limits of what we thought was possible. 

We can’t wait to bring the Kickstarter Challenge back again in 2024. Stay tuned if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the ranks of these amazing women!