Kickstarter Challenge Finalist: Liz Lea

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Liz Lea, an award-winning dance artist, is on a mission to make the arts accessible for blind and low-vision audiences. She’s bringing her A-game with ShowGo, an audio description app designed for theatre, dance, museums, and film. The goal? To open up performances and exhibitions to everyone, regardless of vision ability.

So, what’s the inspiration behind ShowGo? Liz, being the trailblazer she is, developed the idea after setting up Canberra’s first inclusive dance company, The Chamaeleon Collective. Through this, she gained insight into the inaccessibility of the arts for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Coupled with her work in audio description, the idea for ShowGo was born.

ShowGo is not just an audio description app. It’s a service that collates and provides access information about venues and show notes. This way, individuals can familiarise themselves with the content beforehand, enhancing their overall experience when accessing audio description services on site. The best part? Venues or companies foot the bill, making it free for showgoers.

For Liz, it’s about breaking down barriers and making the arts an inclusive experience for everyone. Whether it’s a grand production like Cirque du Soleil or a local community performance, ShowGo aims to provide background information, adding context to the audio description and enriching the overall experience.

ShowGo launched in November with a Stellar Lineup at Canberra College Theatre. This event featured Canberra’s most engaging community dance companies, celebrating inclusion and excellence across generations, abilities, and cultures. Learnings from this launch will inform the further development of the product.

Liz’s vision doesn’t stop there. She hopes ShowGo can expand into other areas in the future, including sports, galleries, museums, restaurants, and iconic places like Parliament House in Canberra.

Let’s cheer on Liz and ShowGo, bringing us one step closer to a more inclusive and accessible arts scene! 🎉✨