A first hand account of the Female Founder Festivals

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A first hand account of the Female Founder Festivals

Written by Teresa Wojcik, a vibrant member of the Enterprising Women community who is creating an online platform called Your Season, which organises third party items into seasonal colour analysis palettes. She is currently applying for grants to help set her business up so it can be scaled sustainably!

The first Female Founder Festival on the 1st of May in Canberra was a great evening out.

I was warmly welcomed with pens and pads (very thoughtful). Before we started, there were complimentary headshots, which was both a great and generous initiative!

There were mountains of nibbles and tea, coffee and juice, including actually delicious gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly options. There was not a dry, crumbly or bland bite to be seen.

The panel of Jemma Mrdak from Dak and Co., Amanda Whitley from HerCanberra, The Bodzilla, and Laura Dawson from The Beanies, hosted by Caitlin Judd from lady-brains, was interesting and funny. They all shared great insights and stories on the ups and downs of creating a business and what the road to success looks like for different people. I loved the tips on the best apps for businesses.

I tried out Archer’s Lab on the VR headsets, and the virtual room had not only instructional videos, but also two VR audiences – an elevator pitch, and a full blown 3-minute ‘Shark Tank’ style pitch to a panel for the brave. I really enjoyed listening back to my pitch and the questions with a (virtual) checklist. It was a great look at what I was doing well, as well as an invitation to improve on certain areas.

After dinner, the lady-brains team took us through two workshops, the first on values and the second looking at defining our customer. I really enjoyed casting inwards at what we bring to the table and how to build authentic brands around our personal values and strengths. Recognising where you are on the customer conversation journey and, for many people, reimagining the ‘salesperson’ narrative in a positive light, were both really great takeaways.

It was a privilege to be a part of the first of many Female Founder Festivals, surrounded by other enthusiastic female entrepreneurs. The team running it are genuinely interested in connecting and supporting the community and they did a wonderful job facilitating. Make sure you book tickets for the next event near you!