4 business apps you didn’t know you needed

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4 business apps you didn’t know you needed

Laura Dawson

Written by Laura Dawson, AKA Laura Beanie (if you’re under the age of 8!). Laura is co-founder, creator and performer in children’s band The Beanies. The Beanies have written over 80 original songs that have been released with ABC Kids and now they are on ABC Kids TV too. Find Laura @thebeaniesaus

I recently sat on the panel at the Canberra Female Founder Festival and when I say ‘sat on’, I really mean ‘hijacked it and listed all my favourite business apps’. These apps will save you time, maximise your productivity and even help you weigh your time to profit ratios.

Now, you all know I love saving time so let’s get into it:

1. Asana

I could rave about Asana and all its benefits for so long it would have you wondering, ‘Does she work for Asana?’ but I promise, I don’t! It is seriously my favourite business tool for when you’re working in a team. You can assign tasks, add due dates, share attachments – all in one place. No more digging back through your old emails trying to find that PDF that fell away. It’s all there.

There is also a calendar feature, to-do lists you can check off and – I’ll stop… but seriously. Asana…

Asana - 4 business apps you didn’t know you needed

2. Later

The ultimate tool for social media management. Uhhh… International Day of Forgetting to Post – be gone! With Later, you can schedule all your posts in advance, that you can post on Insta, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc., and it’s the most cost-effective option that features story publishing. Plus, their easy-to-use platform allows you to visually plan out your content with their drag-and-drop feature. Oh, and did I mention they have a handy Instagram preview feature that lets you see how your feed will look before you post? You can also do all that good stuff like: analytics, hashtag suggestions, and user-generated content tools. Trust me, Later.com.

3. Everhour

Now this one goes hand in hand with Asana. It even has a plugin that connects information across these two amazing tools. I use it to track my team’s hours and specifically what project they’re working on. Then at the end of the quarter you can see where time is perhaps being sunk and not bringing in revenue.

4. QuickBooks

As an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to balance your books when you could be out there hustling. That’s where QuickBooks comes in, baby! With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your bank account, you’ll be able to keep track of your finances in no time. Plus, there is a mobile app which means you can stay on top of things while you’re on-the-go, it can even track your kms if you’re driving for work. QuickBooks is the ultimate wing-woman for your business.

And because I can’t help myself, I’m going to rapid fire some more apps at you, get ready:

Square – Half app, half tap and go reader, we use this to sell our merchandise at shows. It’s fab. Connects right to your bank account and is super easy to use.

Zapier – Create automatic workflows that can send emails, and also connects to Asana.

Todoist – Make joint to do lists with your business partner (or regular life partner!).

Raiz – It automatically rounds up to the dollar from your bank account when you buy something and invests that money in the stock market. All happens without you doing anything! often I’ll sign in after a few months and realise I have $500 in there…nice.

Splitwise – Not really a business one but great for keeping track of who has paid for what with friends and family.

Just Watch – Not business either, but search for a TV show or movie and find out what streaming services it lives on.

If you have read this far well done! You have earned a Laura Beanie certified gold star ⭐

Good luck!

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