Female Founder Festival


MicDrop South Melbourne
17 July, 2023

Turn your passion into your profession!

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women x lady-brains are here to help you take your business idea to the next level.

The Melbourne Female Founder Festival is the best place to start with that great idea you’ve got → Crush your doubts and transform your business idea into a thriving venture with our expert guidance and support.

  • Networking opportunities with experts and peers
  • Exclusive workshops with the founder and host of top-rated podcast, lady-brains
  • Insider tips for Kickstarter Challenge and a chance to meet scouts on the lookout for winning ideas
  • Valued at $250 per ticket, this event is FREE – book your ticket today!


Hosted by Caitlin Judd

Caitlin is the co-founder of lady-brains, a platform dedicated to helping early-stage founders and their businesses grow, so they can live more fulfilling, meaningful and sustainable lives.

She also hosts the lady-brains podcast: one of the Australia’s top-rated entrepreneurial podcasts. Known for getting the story behind the story, Caitlin helps to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial listeners and incredible global founders (founders like MECCA’s Jo Horgan and author extraordinaire Cleo Wade).

As a brand coach and strategist, Caitlin has over 10+ years experience in the leadership, community, wellbeing and positive psychology space. She’s helped to build multimillion-dollar businesses across Australia, US, Canada, Singapore and Europe.

Rhiannon Tracey
Founder of The Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre

The word inspirational is so frequently overused, it’s almost lost its meaning. However, when it comes to describing Rhiannon Tracey and her incredible life, it really is an understatement.

Already doing more in her years on this earth then many hope to achieve in their lifetime, Rhiannon is a motivational speaker, wellness advocate, model, and lifestyle influencer with a beautiful point of difference.

While many may let a life-changing injury hold them back from living their dreams, Rhiannon has used it as further motivation to create a life she loves, helping and inspiring thousands along the way.

After a pool accident made her a quadriplegic just before her 21st birthday, Rhiannon’s big plans for the future were suddenly put on hold. Understandably, she initially struggled to come to terms with her diagnosis of never walking again, but Rhiannon’s tenacious drive and determination saw her set out to prove the doctors wrong.

Rhiannon is raw, she’s real and she is a magnificent light that shines a light on own possibilities and the power of turning our pain into purpose!

Vicki Stirling
CEO of
The Startup Network

As the CEO of The Startup Network, Vicki cares deeply about ensuring the founder community is diverse, strong and committed to success! Along with her team, she aims to equip founders with the tools they need to navigate founder life, and to connect them to a community who can support them.

As a seasoned startup leader, Vicki has led teams from early stage ideation, all the way to IPO. This gives her a unique and rare insight into what it takes for a company to experience hockey stick growth and consistently double its monthly revenue.

She is passionate about enabling founders to navigate their leadership journey with ease. As a leader of teams for most of her career, she has evolved multiple times to become the authentic human she is today. Vicki is on a personal mission to ensure the leaders of tomorrow are equipped with the self awareness to make a real difference in the world, and with the tools they need to show up authentically every day.

Her personal motto – “Some have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked, why-not?” – Picasso.

Cherie Clonan
Founder & CEO
The Digital Picnic

With a 10+ year career in digital marketing, Cherie Clonan [she/her] is a proud Autistic-ADHD woman. She’s rapidly become well known for her progressive approach to leading her team in her human-centric, neuro-inclusive way. 

Passionate about what best-practice social media marketing can do for businesses, Cherie has a proven track record of bringing significantly increased social engagement, community growth and transforming social accounts.

Event Program

Arrival and registration

Arrive nice and early to check in, get your free professional headshot and refuel before the event kicks off.


Welcome and opening

Caitlin Judd, co-founder of  lady-brains, will welcome you to the Female Founder Festival. Hear about her path to becoming the host of one of Australia’s top-rated podcasts and what being an entrepreneur means to her.


Workshop #1

Caitlin Judd shares her coaching experience to help you discover your strengths and how to play to them as you start your own business.


Short Break

Take a break, network some more and grab a drink to freshen up before our next session begins. 


Panel Discussion

Caitlin will facilitate a panel discussion with three leading female-founders. Listen to each of them speak about the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. Get your questions ready for the panel as we move into the Q&A section of the Festival.


Networking and supper

Enjoy a light supper and warm drink while you connect with like-minded women and industry leaders. Mingle with the Enterprising Women team and tell them about your business idea!


Workshop #2

Get your bite-sized version of lady-brains ‘Base Camp’. This toolbox will get you laser focused on nailing your purpose, vision and offering, plus must-hear advice regarding branding.



After a group photo, we will highlight further opportunities for involvement in the Accelerator for Enterprising Women program including how you can get the upper hand with your Kickstarter Challenge submission.


Event Videos

Couldn’t make it to one of the Accelerator for Enterprising Women Summit Events? Fear not…we’ve got you covered! Catch up on all the amazing advice, tips and entrepreneurial expertise from our guest panel by watching the event videos On Demand.