Secrets of a Self-Starter

You can undeniably learn a lot from a mentoring session. But how do you get access to some of the best thought leaders? The Secrets of a Self-Starter podcast that does exactly that. 

In this podcast, the Accelerator for Enterprising Women takes you behind the closed doors of mentoring sessions with inspirational self-starters like Sarah Davidson, Laura Henshaw, Hugh van Cuylenburg and more. Host Mim Rizvi facilitates conversations between these top performers and participants from the Accelerator for Enterprising Women Kickstarter Challenge. Be a fly on the wall and be inspired to turn your passion into a profession with real advice from real self-starters from a range of industries.

Podcast episodes

Knowing when to ignore your inner critic
Finding community and trusting your gut
Revealing the one component that can make or break your business

Making work you believe in

Putting joy first

Secrets of a Self-Starter: LiSTNR Production 

Hosted by Mim Rizvi of ARIA Award nominated children’s band The Beanies. 

Secrets of a Self-Starter podcast host Mim Rizvi in the LiSTNR studio

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